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Rent Renewal Fees v Foxtons & Others

As the rent renewal fees solicitors we have been helping landlords to recover rent renewal commission fees from letting agents such as Foxtons, Chestertons, Chartwell Residential & Atkinson Mcleod.  The Court has decided in favour of landlords and we are already helping landlords recover their rent renewal commissions under a NO WIN, NO FEE, basis.  Claims of this type are often called Foxtons commisson fees, Foxtons complaints, Foxtons fees, Foxtons commissions, or Foxtons rent renewal fees, simply after the test case of the OFT v Foxtons of which see below.

**Stop Press** Landlord's Victory v Atkinson McLeod Ltd (24.08.11)

At Brentford County Court Atkinson McLeod lost their claim against our Landlord Client for rent renewal fees.  Our Landlord Client counter claimed and recovered over £3,000 in renewal fee commissions. We are awaiting the full judgement from the court which will be posted here shortly.

Chartwell Residential v Mr & Mrs Grayston (2010)
As we understand the position, we are the only Solicitors who have successfully applied the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations (“the Regulations”) to individual claims. The Regulations are usually enforced by Consumer Group Watchdogs such as the Office of Fair Trading.  Mr & Mrs Grayston the landlord Defended the Claim against them for Foxton's type rent renewal fees and counter claimed for the return of fees paid to Chartwell.  They won.  Read here for more....

Chesterton's Lettings v  Mr Finney
Below is the Judgement from the Lambeth County Court where our Landlord Client, Mr Finney OBE, Defended a rent renewal claim by Chesteron's Letting Agents.

We Defended and made a Counter Claim: Mr Finney OBE, was awarded compensation by the Judge, the return of his renewal fee commissions.  for more information on the Landlord's success against Chesterton's please click here....

If any landlord would like to read the full judgement please use our

Landlord Hotline:
Call 0151 431 0548 / 0800 011 2757
(9.30 am to 6.00 pm Mon - Fri)

Landlord Victory -  In Lambeth County Court 2010 (No 1)

The Foxtons and OFT Rent Renewal Fee Test Case

If you would like to read the full rent renewal commission fee High Court Judgement please click on this link...

OFT v Foxtons - The Full Court Judgement

...and you will be taken to our page about the court case and a link to the OFT v Foxtons full judgement.  If you think you may have a claim or are being threatened by Court action by letting agents contact us without delay.

Landlord Hotline:
Call 0151 431 0548 / 0800 011 2757
(9.30 am to 6.00 pm Mon - Fri)

OFT vs Foxtons Case

Can I Claim Against My Letting Agent?

December 2010 Victory

We have already been successful on two occasions in Court against two letting agents when they sued our landlord client for unpaid rent renewal fee and commissions.  Not only did we Defend the claim our landlord client recovered the rent renewal commissions paid to the letting agent over a number of years.

The OFT v Foxtons court case has now opened the flood gates for landlords to stand up and take action.
Our Principal Solicitor, Ronnie Hutcheon who has been following rent renewal commission claims and the OFT v Foxtons case closely believes that action can now be taken to recover the hard earned renewal commissions owed to landlords over the years.

Any landlord wanting the return of the renewal commissions should seek advice from expert rent renewal solicitors for impartial advice.  R James Hutcheon Solicitor are able to advise landlords on a no win no fee basis.
So what all landlords should do now is contact R James Hutcheon Solicitors to consider if a claim can be made for the return of all rent renewal payments and commissions.

LANDLORD HOTLINE: 0151 431 0548 / 0800 011 2757 (9.30 am to 6.30 pm Mon - Fri)

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Tenancy Renewal Charges To Be Investigated

Law firm, R. James Hutcheon Solicitors have launched an 'Information Request' to private landlords that believe they have been charged disproportionate and unreasonable fees in respect of tenants renewing tenancy agreements with landlords. This practice has already been denounced by the National Landlords Association (NLA) and BBC Watchdog who have called for tenancy renewal fees to be scrapped.

Hutcheons Solicitors are asking private landlords to contact them if they feel they have been unfairly charged by a letting agency with respect to tenancy renewal terms in contracts.
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